Pelagie DeParis

Semper curiosus



Only love!

I picked three similar colors from my Winsor & Newton palette, namely Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red pale Hue and Crimson Alisarin. 

The font I chose is the ChemyRetro font, one that shows well in greek, and is thick enough to paint. 


I printed the letters on three A4 pieces of paper, and then outlined the letters on the back of the paper with a pencil. I traced the letters on my 300g watercolor paper and scanned them:




You can see I made one big smudge and a couple of smaller in the second piece of paper, trying to erase the pencil outline as much as I could, but the paint wasn't dry yet. I managed to clean it up, importing the images to Photoshop. Then I imported the files into Illustrator. and vectorized them:


And made this simple little thing, adding a watercolored heart I made for another project:


It reads: "love only" in greek!

Thank you, Amarylis, for yet another wonderful class! It was very satisfying and fun, and I learned a lot!


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