Only Twin: Footwear inspired by Science Fiction

Only Twin: Footwear inspired by Science Fiction - student project

OnlyTwin is my new design company (I just got the business license, woohoo!). I am at the beginning stages of manufacturing a small line of women's fashion shoes that are inspired by my love of science fiction and retro futurism. 

This line has been a long time coming, and began with my dropping out of a terribly fancy fashion school in London to take courses in making shoes by hand. This lead to internships with experimental designers, fashion week work, and a job in New York as a designer. But after a few years working for other people, I realized I was ready to be my own boss.

For this project, I will focus on one or two designs that will be a part of my first line. The complications I face range from finding a manufacturer willing to do a small run (many won't do it because it costs so much to create a new set of moulds and lasts that they wont do it unless you are placing an order for several hundred thousand pairs), finding out how to source materials without flying to other countries to do so every few weeks, and honestly, just settling on designs is sometimes trouble enough. But for now, I will just pick two designs and go from there!

Update 5/4/13:

I've sent out rough ideas for a line of 5-7 designs with two last shapes (one high heel and one flat) to a few manufacturers. Without sending them sketches yet, I got a rather wide range of price quotes. I'm looking at having them developed in Thailand or Brazil. Asking around lead me to understand that it is often more cost-effective to go to countries with a developing footwear industry instead of China or Spain, which have flourishing ones. I was also advised that factories in Brazil or Thailand are hungry for work and more willing to do small runs for new designers. As it currently stands, I'm getting quotes in the 10k-15k range for my first line. That's about what I expected.