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Only Ideas

I completely had zero time to work on this project, so I just wanted to throw some ideas that I had, but enver fully went through with:

With the '14 Spring Tour that Selkoe had tweeted about earlier in the summer, have some type of pop-up shops or a Karmaloop-tricked out bus. Have you ever seen the monster Red Bull SUV that cruises around town here and there carrying loads of Red Bull cans or the masive Nike Vault truck that carries exclusive Kobe kicks and travels to random locations (tweeting about it and people have to meet up)?

KarmaLoop KarmaCares - As the name Karmaloop suggests, karma is about doing some good and it loops back into something good happening for you. Popping up at random places or even online through video submissions, people receive credits (up to $100 or something) for doing something good in the hood; volunteering, donating clothes, etc.

Use Wanelo to start creating stories with your customers. These guys allow people to follow stores and other customers alike to make visual into storytelling.

Uber/Lyft partnership - A couple of years ago at SXSW, Uber completely changed the game by bringing their #OMGUberBBQ to the table, and their app. People who were looking for a cab during the event could book a pedicab throughout SXSW and even allowed deliever of BBQ! During your tour, you can have a KicksCrawl (beer crawl, but kicks store instead of bars - another idea in itself) of some sort while using pedicabs with lookbooks inside of them and all kinds of promotions.

Karmaloop Thrift Store/ Swap Meet. The World of Dance Tour does this all the time and it's a big hit, maybe a bigger hit than all the dancing. With the Karmaloop faithful, this could be something really big.

Karmaloop TV on the Roku - Karmaloop TV has taken too long to come to fruition because of the whole cable company things - but why not just DIY through Roku? The most popular media streaming device in the world and it's easier than going through a bunch of loopholes. This idea was my favorite one but, again, I just had a ton of midterms and projects due this week (last quarter before graduation - wooh!).


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