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Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow

2/1/14: A quote is chosen

Due to being born 3 months premature and having no control over whether I wanted to be stuck with needles for the first nine weeks of my life in the Intensive Care Unit, I've always tended to "go with the flow" and not realize that I can actually do something about what's happened to me or others (usually me). So I found this humorous take on taking action and it really resonates with me. Associating dead fish with not taking action? So much better than just thinking of jellyfish.

Anyway, I want to reference water in some way (probably through more "bubble-like" or rounded type) and also some sort of wave to indicate movement and/or a current. Maybe some bubbles or some x's in the word "dead" like this? 

 ^-- Bierut graffiti, Lebanon

My associated words + inspiration coming soon! And then it'll be onto my sketching warm-up! =)



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