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Online business - student project

Hi Alvin...  My name is Steve and I am working on building an online business that deals initially on Emergency Preparedness items (courses, kits, other items to help with preparing for disasters and other issues that might occur), but also want to get into outdoor stuff like gear for hiking, biking, etc..

Right now I have a basic website set up with Wordpress and WooCommerce installed, but have not done very much with it yet, as I am working on a lot of the basics with my personal blog so I can get used to building and working with the pages, postings and other included apps...

Business site:

Personal blog:

I do currently work full time as a cyber security analyst, but had a significant downturn in my finances including still dealing with a divorce and such, so need to build up a secondary income to help me continue to move forward...

Stephen Doerk
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