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Caleb Warren

Visual Designer



Online Bulletin Sign-up Form

Decided to improve the microcopy of a signup form. This signup form is for people to sign up to receive Neighborhood Church's bulletin via email every week. This form was created using Wufoo.





Here are some of the changes I made:

1) I added a description under the header "Online Bulletin" to give people more context as to what the online bulletin is. By adding "Fill out this form," I was able to make it even more clear for the user as to what they need to do. I also added "every Friday morning" to further show what will happen when they sign up.

2) I added a side note next to the email field. Since people have multiple email addresses, I thought it would be good to distinguish that whatever email they enter will be the one that gets the weekly bulletin.

3) Lastly, I changed the "Submit" button to say "Sign me up!". This feels more exciting, friendly, and more clear as to what will happen once a user finishes this form.

Thanks for checking out my project!


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