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Dan Geller

Creative Director, media + story



Online Admissions

This is a story about a startup business which has promise, and the potential to make $$$. Of course they came to me because they realize I'm inexpensive, and also had boat loads of experience. Good for them, not so good for me.

What they've proposed, and what I'm mulling over and need to re-engineer, is engaging me in doing a lot of early stage UX, design, branding, UI work and marketing at a sub-par rate in exchange for "points" which could amount to a hill of beans...with the slim to none chance that it may turn up tens of thousands.

I believe the project has potential. I also believe that I need to get paid while taking on this endeavor. And I believe I should get paid at a decent rate, with the added bonus of points for all the extras I'm likely to perform.

I have a good relationship with the client, and they know my rates, which are fair, but in general would make me a much happier person if they were higher.


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