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Onika - Apparel/Lifestyle Brand

My Business

My biz is: Apparel/Lifestyle brand.

It sells: Womens contemporary street wear and goods

To: Women ages 20-35 who are in search of an alternative to stuffy womenswear and like to be spontaneous and have fun with fashion. 

I do this because: I've worked in the fashion industry for 4 years as a sales representative and I've seen first hand what the customer and industry is lacking. I'm passionate about fashion and feel like I have something innovative and necessary to offer.

It benefits others by: Offering unique design and good quality at a price point that is more affordable than our competitiors.

My Idols

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are:

Companies like Lazy Oaf who create unique pieces, offer a reasonable price point,  memorable branding, and created a lifestyle behind the brand. They are also very personal with their customers by interacting using social media outlets.

My Frankenbiz:

  1. Be REAL: I want to get personal with my customers and make them feel like they are a part of the lifestyle the brand is potraying. I plan to excute this by connecting with them through social media outlets and keeping them up to date with the happenings within the company
  2. Create a lifestyle: I feel that creating a lifestyle is very important to the success of my brand. If you think about it sucessful clothing lines like Billionaire Boys Club for example blew up because there was a lifestyle behind it: fresh skater kids who are a part of this "cool kid society." Or websites like Nastygal.com, they document all the things they're about on their blog making their customers a part of their world. 
  3. Superb branding: I want all aspects of the branding to reflect what we are about as a company. This should stay consistent so that anyone will be able to identify our mark.
  4. Great customer service: The core of my business will be great customer service. I want my customer to feel like we're their BFF's and have their best interest at heart. I will implement this by having a great attitude, being helpful, and simply sitting back and listening instead of being pushy and rude.
  5. Clean & Simple: Our website will be user friendly and easy to navigate with clean, simple details. This goes for the rest of the company branding as well. I feel like simplicity is more attractive to the eye.

My Promise

My biz's product/service is outstanding because: My customer is getting good quality items at a lower price point than the competitors and they get to be a part of the brand experience and lifestyle. 

My product/service is something they need because: There are no other brands in this market that are not only selling clothes but offering a personal customer relationship and loyalty. We want the customer to know we appreciate them as much as they appreciate what we're doing.

I'm deeply in love with my customers and show them my undying love by: 

-Letting the customers into our world

-Being real with the customers and listening to their needs

-Always being on the customers side

The special sauce that makes the biz unique is:

-Selling to very few exclusive specialty stores (No more that 2 stores in each city)

-Create special capsule collections with limited quantities 

-Using special packaging with company branding that include a personal note, and added novelities(stickers, keychains, etc.)

My Results

The system I have in place to ensure consistency is:

Creating a new collection each season with the same great quality, pricing, and  branding my customer knows and loves.

My unexpected joy:

-Sending special gifts w/ thank you notes to loyal customers who consistently buy.

-Giving gifts and/or discount codes to customers on their birthdays.



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