Ongoing art therapy :)

Ongoing art therapy :) - student project

 Ongoing art therapy :) - image 1 - student project

Day 19. Really happy with this one!




Days 6-15. *DISCLAIMER --I'm working with cheap watercolor so I bring my pics to Photoshop and pump up the saturation level. When I complete the 100 days, I will get some good material :). 

Thoughts : I am still amazed that the perfectionist-who-never-finishes-things that I am is still at it. Everyday, sometimes twice a day. I feel like I am Irina's exact target audience for this class as I am excited at every single little prompt that she comes up with. Feeling very grateful and loving to browse everyone's lovely work. 


Ongoing art therapy :) - image 2 - student project











Hello! I started this class a few days ago. It's actually the first time in 2 years that I actually *feel* like practicing everyday. Being overly perfectionist, I usually get discouraged. But there's something about this 100 day project that I find so much fun, seeing everyone's beautiful artworks and Irina's daily themes are so interesting and lovely... I could spend the whole day doing it! But doing this regularly, routinely, feels very therapeutic and helps with my perfectionism. I am grateful for this class!


Ongoing art therapy :) - image 3 - student project