Onepager - student project

Onepager is the heart child of one designer and two developers who ran a digital agency together and were constantly asked, "I know I need a website for my business, but I don't have much of a budget and I'm not very computer saavy. How much does a Facebook page cost?"

We used to set everyone with a slightly custom Wordpress install in these situations, but even that was too complex for some people. Not being able to find a product we were comfortable recommending to others, we decided to build our own.

Onepager is a small business website builder that tries to make "that website thing" as simple and easy as possible for busy small business owners. I'd like to think we took the most common parts of WordPress, MailChimp, and WuFoo and mushed them together in an elegant way.

Here's an evolution of our Homepage:

Onepager - image 1 - student project

Its been a year and a half since we launched and I'm hoping to learn new ways to acquire new users for our little non-social, non-transaction, non-marketplace SMB SaaS app.