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Michael Axinn

Award-winning Video Content Specialist



One to One Box Video Consulation

One to One Box offers unique expertise to enable businesses to maximize the potential of video to grow their customer base. Video is a powerful tool, yet most businesses (especially small and medium-sized businesses) do not fully understand how to use it to generate results. To help businesses initiate their own successful video marketing programs, One to One Box will offer customers a service more common to accounting and business development consultants, an audit for video. Our audit will include options to enable our customers to get the most from video and also serve to establish One to One Box as a trusted partner for video planning and production. Our customers are marketing executives and entrepreneurs who need a concrete plan to minimze the risk and maximize the benefits of video production. As our business expands, we'll expand the number of contractors employed in video production and post. We'll also train our own producer/marketers to provide video audits according to some basic parameters. The hard part for me is to connect to a sufficient number of qualified leads to sell our services.

Entrepreneurial strategy: 

Build my in-house team for video production: editors, producers, directors, motion graphics. Hire an awesome intern from Haas Business school to fine tune/supercharge sales & marketing. Develop airtight marketing strategy, generate tons of leads, focus my own efforts on closing sales and generating more income. Let others produce the videos.
Build sales & marketing team.


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