One texture at a time

One texture at a time - student project

I am having a great time creating textures and patterns. I am also learning how to lay flat washes so that I don't get puddles and tide-marks, and also how to fun with the process.

I used four sheets of mixed media paper in all, and I taped each page to a board to stop it curling up. I do have proper watercolour paper, but I am more relaxed playing around on cheaper paper for now.

Out of 20 swatches I had some good outcomes, and some I really didn't love. However, the process of making the swatches has shown me what colours, shapes and textures I do like.

Here are a few pics of my textures. I will be thinking about what to do for the final project, but I may get distracted by making more swatches.

One texture at a time - image 1 - student project

For the leaves pattern below I wanted a very thin line, but I couldn't achieve that with the size 2 brush I have. Also I noticed that when the brush is full of water it tends to blob, so I started to tap off the excess to try and get a thinner line.

One texture at a time - image 2 - student project

The blue wavy lines swatch is one of my favourites so far.

One texture at a time - image 3 - student project

Making mini watercolour swatches is great fun, thanks Ana for a fab class!

Annie Mathews
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