One summer week

One summer week - student project

Wonderfull class! 
I love, love, love lifestyle pictures! I didn’t have much time to make new ones this week, but I’ll be sure get to it soon as this class really made me wanna make some new ones =D 

For now, here is a set of pictures I made last summer, while visiting hubby’s parents. It was a middle of July and I tried to capture that warm (ok, hot, really hot), sunny summer days in the garden, fresh veggies and fruits, the most delicious homemade cooking and rooms filled with sun. And a cat, there is always a cat =)

Cherry right in front of the house

One summer week - image 1 - student project

Things you can find in the garage (that place is a real treasure chest)

One summer week - image 2 - student project

Oh, yeah, the cat and fresh cucumbers 

One summer week - image 3 - student project

Cooking in progress

One summer week - image 4 - student project

Preparing for winter too =)

One summer week - image 5 - student project

And the light is amazing in all courses of the house

One summer week - image 6 - student project

The cat, again

One summer week - image 7 - student project

Finally, summer is sky and sun and...webs =)

One summer week - image 8 - student project

Thank you for the class =)