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After years of trial and error, I've decided to collaborate with a seasoned designer to finalize my brand identity and label design for my product.  Well, long story short I've finally launched my product into the marketplace.

Again, I would like to thank Faye for teaching this awesome class and Happy New Year!



With the helpful suggestion from Faye I decided to shift my focus on creating my company brand identity.


I am a Chef, Entrepreneur, and a Self-taught Product Designer specializing in food and ecommerce.  I have owned and managed restaurants, wedding venues and catering business in the past decade of my career. These days I am preparing to launch a new product called Beetchup.  Beetchup is a condiment sauce made with Beets a healthier alternative to tomato ketchup.  Beetchup uses 50% less sugar (no fructose or corn syrup) and 75% less sodium.  I decided to take this class to re-evalute my brand identity and looking forward to learn from other members of this community.


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Mission Statement

We combine design, branding, and develop advanced technology for start-ups to launch a sucessful product into the market.

"Let us help you simplify your process and share your product to the world."

What do you do?

  • Develop the product from our client recipe or concept
  • Help with naming the brand
  • Work with qualified Food Technologist to formulate a commercial recipe and source the ingredients
  • Package Design with UPC codes and get approval from the FDA
  • Select the qualifed co-packer for client's product and budget
  • Create landing page for marketing and website for ecommerce
  • Social marketing
  • Book food tradeshows and design marketing materials
  • Build marketing and sales team

Who do you do it for?

  • Individuals or entrepreneurs who has a idea for their product but doesn't know where and how to get it started.

How do you do it differently?

  • A one stop shop from designing, brading, marketing, and building a techonology needed for launching the product.
  • We will help creating a team needed to sustain the business after launching.
  • We will continue to offer free consulting to our clients after sucessfully launching their business.


Logo Design


Here's a link to another great Skillshare class I took to learn designing my current logo, at that time it was used for my catering business.

More or Less

To add or not to add that is the question!  Here I have extended the i down to Cuisine.


Monograph & Symbols


When Didot met SignPainter



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