One scene, two settings

One scene, two settings - student project

One scene, two settings - image 1 - student project


I created a scene in my mind inspired by a place I regularly visit while walking (I added the mountain). I wanted to paint it with real paint, but decided to try to paint it with Procreate on my iPad instead. I carefully chose colors that were cooler for the scene with rain, and colors that were warmer for the sunset scene. I also tried to incorporate a bit of atmospheric perspective by shifting the colors of the trees further in the background to be slightly cooler in each painting. 


I used a different background color in each painting to bring out the warm and cool tones of each. I tried to have 1he shadow from and lighting on the tree consistent with where the sun is in the sky in the painting. I wish I could draw bark on the tree better. 


Though this project was intended to be done with actual paint, I found that I was able to apply what I learned in the class to choosing colors in digital painting with more confidence than I’d ever felt and that was a neat feeling! I didn’t try to pick colors to exactly represent what the scene might look like in real life, but I felt like I knew how to create or choose colors to convey the overall sense of what I intended to be the affect (if that is a term used in art like it is in music) of the painting. Choosing colors for digital painting has been one of my biggest challenges, and it was neat to be able to feel confidence and intent in selecting colors. 


One of my goals for a future painting is to learn how to paint clouds in the sky at sunset or sunrise. I would have liked to include clouds but didn’t know how to paint them.


Hopefully soon I can paint the color swatches and color wheel, with real paint.