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One photo, four ways

I loved this class! I was looking for a Lightroom course on Skillshare that wasn't too long and would teach me the basics quickly. This class was perfect for a beginner like me. It was so helpful to have Kelly walk me through what each of the editing features does in Lightroom, and also really cool to see her create several different "looks" with the editing tools.

I've been trying to improve my portrait photography, so decided to use this photo I took of a friend (original image is in the lower left). I wish I would have written down what settings I changed, but I didn't think to do that. Oops. In general, though, I remember often increasing the contrast, and I like the slight darkness a subtle vignette adds to the edges. 


The first style I created is the image in the upper left. I went for a high-contrast look, amped up the read in her shirt and made the gray background darker.

The second style I created in the image in the lower right. I again played with contrast, but I think I made the black pixels darker and was somehow able to give her skin a warmer tone (as opposed to the skin tone she has in the upper left image, which is almost washed-out).

Finally, I did the black and white image in the upper right. I was surprised to see in Kelly's demo that you can actually adjust the contrast and saturation of colors even in black & white photos. I thought that was so cool! Sure enough, I found that simply clicking on the "B&W" button wasn't enough for me. It was really interesting to see how drastically I could change a black and white image.

Overall, I'm amazed at how much control I now have over my photos with the help of Lightroom. I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of what it can do, and I'm excited to keep exploring!


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