One on One Lite

Frenzied managers - listen up! Tired of one-on-one notes being on steno and legal pads? Can't remember personal details about one of your direct reports? What was their sick mother-in-law's name? What did we discuss last week? Where are the projects? What did I want to remember to tell him/her? 

One on One LIte is the SOLUTION! One on One Lite is simple to use, keeps you on task, allows you to see question prompts to keep the meeting moving and allows follow-up to be sent via email or SMS!


A good management practice is to have one on one meetings with direct reports. These meetings may end up being the only time a direct report gets one on one time with their manager. 

One on one meetings are designed to have a specific format. 

Part 1:

Personal details - This will likely not change but direct report could mention something notable.

Direct Report Time: This is the direct report's time to discuss what is important to them.

  • What they are working on
  • Struggles they may be having with work
  • May ask manager for advice

Part 2:

Manager's time: This is the manager's time to ask the direct report questions about their day.

  • Updates on new projects
  • Ask questions about existing projects/feedback

Part 3:


  • Items which require follow up
  • Goals

Follow-up can be sent via email or SMS



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