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One (of many) emails that made me take action

Hi Everyone!

This image was one that made me take action. I'm a Virtual Assistant, I'm subscribed to a number of places that may offer great "Fre*e" information that can help me stay up with design trends. This was an email from Envato, I felt this particular image was very warm and unique, in combination with the headline it was something I felt I "must" read at the moment.  

I actually don't know if this particular newsletter was mobile friendly because I ready it from my laptop. Assuming who the sender was though (envato) I would say it is, as all other newsletters I get from them are  just as attractive in my tiny cellphone.

What I like the most of envato's newsletter is their virsual, they just pop! or at least I feel that way for the most part, their images are simple yet elegant and very appealing. There isn't much white space on their emails, which I love!... I'm not a fan of plain so most "clean" newsletttersget thrown out a lot faster. The images and the combination of their headings cath my attention the best.

The Image I seletect for this project had a Call to action button "Read More on Our Blog." This wasn't something too intriguing or different from what I'm currently doing on my newsletters, so I can cay that I've found many CTA buttons that just make me click, but I was glad to see that it was redirecting to a blog and not a plug in. So the idea of free information is what ultimately made me click. 

(if you wish to see the news letter, you may click here - for some reason when attempted to added to this window it shows as a broken link) 


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