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"One more chapter..." I whispered two hours ago

Hi Mete,

My name is Brenda and I'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After being a teacher for about 10 years, I'm now a student again. Media Design is what I'm studying so I came to Shillshare for some extra classes. This is the first one I am actually sending in what I'm creating. A bit scary, but hey, you have get out there and show what you are doing, right?

I absolutely love reading books, can really lose myself in them. I found my quote on Pinterest and could relate to it immediately. This happens to me a lot. Currently reading the Outlander series for the second time, I quite often make a deal with myself that I "may read until a certain time" and then have to go study or do other stuff that needs to be done. Well, you can guess what happens then... 

So, with this quote comes the emotion happiness, but much more a feeling of escape. When I am reading, I am escaping to another world, losing myself in a good way. 

This is the moodboard I made. I like the picture of the girl under water in the living room. It has that almost magical feel to it, the same feeling that a good story can give you when you are reading. 
The same thing happens in the typography at the bottom of the board. The words are surrounded, "submerged", sort of. 


These are my thumbnails.








Two of them have that surrounded, submerged feeling (2 and 4). I like the one with the book, but I like the second one more. The combination of the letters, shadow and being in/on a cloud has the right dreamy feeling. This will be the one I am going to sketch. 
I will upload my sketch when it's ready.

Bye for now,


Hi Mete,

It took a while, but this is what I made. The lettering is simple, nothing bold or fancy, to illustrate some kind of "shame" for reading to long (again). Also the word "whispered" asks for timid lettering. De bubbles give it that feeling of being surrounded, in your own bubble. Cheeky is the page turning just a little.... just one more page....maybe...? I'm not familiar enough with Photoshop to do something great with it. Just adjusted the levels a bit. I really liked working on this project!



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