One little step every day. A story of understanding the concept art.


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Day 48.


Day 47.

Chameleon skin and leopard fur were my textures for yesterday.


Day 46.

Here is my third day playing with textures. It takes a long time to draw...all this details and little dots, hairs...But despite the complexity of texture I’m trying to see the basic shapes and unite them in main drawing. 


Day 45.

This textures to be honest drives me crazy! I’m trying to make them realistic but it’s tough. Hope practice and analysis of my mistakes will help me in future.


Day 44.

For change decided paint some watercolor and make out heap of drawing digital books which I have dowloaded throught this time, but hadn’t time to read. I don`t like watercolor for its unexpected results, but from time to time it can be fun.


Day 43.

After new year hollidays I’m back with texture challenge. I have to draw at least 25 textures their main shapes according to the drop shadows of their elements. With crocodile skin and cuted tree trunk I didn’t have problems them started at the leaf. Previously I have drawn plants and leaves lesson, there was a note: draw the texture with negative space, but it doesn’t work with the texture. In close look I can see how leaf veins bumping up from main body and it makes a casting shadow - this I need to show on paper. After several attempts (you can see it on my inhomogeneous texture) I understood this.

By the way this challenge preety tough.


Day 42.

I think this is my last insect sketch - the louse. From time to time it was hard to draw it, but now I feel much more confident in drawing organic structures. 

My next challenge will be texture


Day 41.


Yesterday was my 40th day of drawing woo hoo!

Despite the fact that I had a tone of work, found a half of hour for sketching. I think today I’ll also sketch dragonflies and tomorrow will try something more complex. Not to relax!


Day 39.

Started exploring the form of a dragonfly. It’s like a wasp but a bit simpler.


Day 38.


Day 37.


Day 36.

Continue practicing with grasshoppers: not good head, but other parts I think fine. Their body segments a bit like scorpions)


Day 35.

Various kinds of grasshoppers, side view. I guess this is the most simple to draw view next wanna try front.


Day 34.

More line butterflies... Now I feel much more confident with them)


Day 33.

Butterflies... Just after 1,5 hours researching and trying I understood how to make their wings symmetrical. After scrutinizing forms I’ll go to the veins on wings - here I have a lot of work to do.


Day 32.

Caterpillars! Some of them really cute especially with fur or whatever it is.


Day 31.

 Added some color to my ladybugs.


Day 30.

From my childhood I thought ladybugs are so beautiful mystery creatures which fly from one flower to another. After defining it structure I understood my delusion... It’s just a common bug with colorful abdomen)


Day 29.

I thought ladybugs will be much easier than scorpions for example, I was wrong. I don’t really understand why it caused a problem, it’s because it’s abdomen and thorax leave one on another? Or because this is the first insect which I can’t imagine in 3d space when closing eyes? This 4 little one had been drawn after 1 hour of trying and 4 sheets tainted paper. Well tomorrow I will keep trying to understand this bug.


Day 28.

Today I’m really not happy with my spiders. I broke my chain and didn’t draw for two last days and my hand felt it. Before I made decent spider I had to warm up my hand with ellipses and blob forms. I will try not to do like that again and  practice every day...


Day 27.

My new 26-day spread sheet started with wolf spider. Today just one top look, next will do some more close and side looks.


Day 26.

Today was very rough and messy sketches, I also messed up with legs little beat. But I really feel the progress: a month ago it took a lot of time to understand the structure of the object, now it comes much quicker, not perfect, but I’m happy with the results! 

Oh and by the way, today is 26th day of my drawing practice and my first spreadsheet with checkboxes ended! I made a first step to achieve my goal! 13 more spreadsheets like that and I complete the challenge. 


Day 25.

Ground beetle. Oh, if I saw this little one so close in reality, I would run far,far away from it. On ref it looks much safer and if it’s a good high res photo maybe even cute...I guess... This beetle has a tricky thorax, it hides part of the abdomen. I need to draw it from the opposite side, to see what’s going on with legs.


Day 23 + 24.

I think have already done with wasps, each time understanding the structure of the body much easier. And after looking on so many refs I have come to believe that they are very beautiful guys. 



Day 22.

Today it was very rough and quick sketch, I had just about 30 minutes of free time. But I didn't brake the chain! 


Day 21.

Finished my halloween sketch finally! 


Day 20.

Making a little sketch for upcoming Halloween.


Day 19.

First try with yellowjacket wasp + some ladybugs for arming hand. Not happy with legs, but the main structure of wasp body understood. Tomorrow will continue practice, it's becoming more and more interesting)


Day 18.

Oh, my little flies I think I’ve done with you. I’ve defined your structure a little and going to the next insect!


Day 17.

I continue to define the fly body structure, not very good with proportions... Hope tomorrow I finally end with it (don't really like the flies)


Day 16.

So a common housefly. It's much easier than scorpion but also has some tricky parts. For example a thorax, from one side it contains three segments on the top, but the bottom also has segments which are vertical and beneath them lurk foots. The wings have very interesting veins which seems even beautiful if we're looking on them without fly) 


Day 15.

One more day in company with scorpions. Today I added some primitive texturing, now it looks more realistic. Previously I have defined the structure of tail segments, today it was the turn of the scorpion's back. I don't really happy with the result, but think that too long stopped on this little creatures and have to move forward. I will come back to my cute friends when will summarize all insects challenge together. Something like check test.


Day 14.

Scorps, guys, are you my friends?

Today I'm feeling much better with the tail but can't say the same about the segments on their body. I'll be practicing one more day with this guys and hope they will favorably disposed to me ))


Day 13.

Scorpions are not so easy as I thought. Especially their body segments and the tail are very tricky.  I wanna make more practice with scorpions and draw them from different angles, it will help in understanding the structure of their bodies and making something like 3d model in my mind.


Day 12.

A bit more edible mushrooms to consolidate and after a short break I'm returning to the insects.


Day 11.

I got sick and broke my chain unfortunately. May be it’s insects drawing so affected on me but more likely it’s rains every day. It means once more week with insects, woohoo!


Day 10.

I started a new lesson and it's an insects! They are creepy, yeah, but understanding their structure extremely important for my next level up in drawing. So next two weeks I will observe spiders, scorpions, bugs and many others members of the insect society) 


Day 9.



Day 8.

It's sooo rainy and cold outside, whole day I just wanna sleep and nothing else *zzz*. To feel more warmer I draw this cup of hot cacao and drank it in real. Yeah, it's much better now :)


Day 7.

One more page with interesting strange plants. Now I feel much comfortable with building the structure of the plants and I think will go next to drawing an insects.


Day 6.

Slightly off topic my goal but it’s also about drawing. Today started extreme sketching challenge in which I decided to take part. It’s about quick sketching tasty drinks and food using alcohol markers. I will pass it parallel with my main goal and make training more interesting!)


Day 5.

Mushrooms, petals and more petals. Yeh, I'm still struggling with them, but today much better) It was raining all day so I decided put some colour in my work. It's first time I take markers in my hand! everything went awful, but I made my sunny mood)




Day 4.

Today I was practising with petals. And I think that need a little bit more practice with it. So I'll experiment in plants until the end of the week and only when heel comfortable with it, go next to draw insects.



Day 3

I had a lot of work today and had able to draw only during short breaks. Throughout the day, I really wanted to eat big fresh burger (may be it’s fall so affects on me, usually I don’t dream about burgers, hmm...), so instead of eat I decided to draw it and also little leaves and veg practice.



Day 2

Once more trying to define form of the plants + a little bit texture but for now it looks poor. I need more practice, yeh. 



DAY 1.

Sorted out how to draw flowers with petals and trained to feel the structure of complex plants on the second page. I need more practice. I can handle out with form but not with texture.




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