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One image, different colors

That's the idea: Same image different palette. If different colours can communicate different feelings, I want to experiment using a simple image but inspiring.

My subject is a mum and his child walking somewhere (could be a park or a private street..). For the first image I choosed purple color and I kept on building my palette using the suggestion of the color guide in Illustrator.

For the second picture I was using warm tints, and the result seems an old sepia picture that gives me the idea of autum.

In the third picture a wanted to use different bright colors, like green or orange trying to represent a relaxing moment between the mum and his child. I was trying to insert blue/light blue, but in this context it gives to me the idea of cold (weather) or cool feelings and I opted for orange and green.

In the last one I was thinking to use mostly shades of grey and white, and use a different colour only for one element in the picture. The result is an idea of Winter, or a mum lost in her thoughts or like if everything is freezed for a moment except the baby buggy. In any case, colors help me to highlight the baby buggy compared to the rest of the picture.



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