Sabrina Zupko

Graphic Designer



One girl, three characters and their monsters

I chose to do the project based on a little girl with similar, but different characteristics in personality, which I then reflected in the character drawing. All three are combinations of triangles and circles. 

The first girl is friendly, happy, and energetic. She's definitely the sweet little girl of the group. Because of this, the triangles are very rounded and soft. The circles are more prominent in this character.

The second girl is still friendly and energetic, but she's a bit mischievous. She still has rounded triangles, but more triangles than circles. 

The last girl is mischievous and energetic, but she's also very moody. She's definitely a trouble maker. As such, she has sharp edges and more triangles than circles. Her expression is more angular as well. 


I decided to add them each a little monster.



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