One day in 2013 and 2020

One day in 2013 and 2020 - student project

So love how your work captures 'moments' and freezes them in time. I try to practice regularly but quite amateurish atm. No formal training, just art practice, practice, practice. All self taught. I'm yet to master straight lines LOL.

Yes there is a sneaky peak of your book <3 under my sketchbook.

In 2013 my cousin Leanne and I traveled together for the very first time...EVER...for our 50th birthdays. We are like sisters and had planned the trip for 5 years but weren't quite sure how we'd go as we are very different people. It was the best 3 weeks and still lives vividly in my mind.

It was called L.O.S.T. 2103. Ladies of Style Tour 2013. I had heard the L.O.S.T. acronym from someone at work and loved it. While in Paris we tried traditional and not so traditional macaron flavours at Fauchon and Laduree.

One day in 2013 and 2020 - image 1 - student project

Well hasn't the start of 2020 been eventful.

Australia burned, then we flooded, and now COVID-19 world wide. Not to mention the great toilet paper 'grab'. What...??!!

January 26 is our nation's day, Australia Day. Or 'Invasion Day' for our indigenous peoples. I feel for them but will never be able to truly understand, even though I know the history well.

We are all Australian and forgiving is moving forward.

It was so hot and humid this year, not a clear sky for weeks due to the fires, and everything had the smell of smoke. We had the worst air quality in the world through those harrowing months. A friend lost the majority of their farm but saved the house. Others not so lucky.

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This last one I did long before commencing the class and whilst not really in line with the activities in your class, it is a quote I may use again in another page - perhaps the collage page. It is a quote by Buddha apparently. I'll post again here when I have done the page.

No matter. It is something I came back to the other day, and will think on a little more I feel.

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