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Angelica Spyrou

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One day - Ideas


Here are a couple of ideas from me, I would really appreciate some feedback as I'm a hesitant beginner.  Thanking you in advance for taking some time to read this.

Idea no.1 - Future siblings conversations in the digital revolution.

How could they possibly communicate? What do they know?

How about Chromosome X in the mother connects to Chromosome X or Y in the father to form one future child and then one more Chromosome X from the mother plus one more Chromosome X or Y from the father connect to form the other. Their connection comes unarguably through the internet. Therefore future parents need to be online. 

This subjects discusses human dependance on the internet and tech gadgets which we pass along to our children even before they are formed.

Idea No.2 - The Impostor Syndrome 

I've always felt that I was a fraud up until I found out that there is a syndrome that could probably be my psychological cure. A personal satire about not being sure whether I am a fraud or if I really suffer from the Impostor Syndrome.

Idea No.3 - Flawless socialites in a distorted society.

'It's never my fault'. Where I live, Blaming others is a huge characteristic of the society. What most people are unaware though is that we are all part of the problem. If I am present then I am part of it.    



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