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One bright day in the middle of the night

Hey everybody! I enrolled about a week ago, October 7th or so, and I was distracted with another class so I just got around to working on this a couple days ago. 

As far as a backstory goes for the strip I'm putting out, it's kinda gonna be a scene from a more complex story. There's a group of kids who're playing a more or less party-based game, the leader of their guild being Peuru, a no-nonsense kind of commander who's best traits are empathy and intellect which allow her to keep the team together while keeping everyone facing forward. 

Of these guild memebers, there are quite a few troublemakers! A pair of cousins who travel through time, bffs who ruin shops with item-stock-forts, as well as various lovebirds who constantly pine after each other only name a few of the difficulties of manning a 24-person team. However there's a pair of twins in particular who cause Peuru the most trouble, and they're the ones I decided to pick for the strip.

I picked the drama script, but the setting is kind of an action plot? So the cafe kinda came an went because of the characters in question, whoops. Instead the setting is one of the more secluded areas of the game world the characters are in, namely 0/0pal Zone, in front of a dead tree. 

A terrible storm constantly looms overhead, rain pouring down in a desolating torrent that never ends. Wild blue streaks of lightning dart rapidly over the sky like crackling auroras, bringing light to an otherwise pitch black scene. Though most of that might not come through since it's penciled out and character centered.

Speaking of characters: 

Here's some sketches of them! So our protag is named Soeur, and the antag is Frere, the both of them being twins (imagine that) with a game so to speak. They each bet on who could swoon the leader of their squad first using whichever methods they liked, Soeur being a loving shoulder to cry on and Frere being a more brief and passionate flair. However somewhere along the line Soeur gets in deep with Peuru and they hit off a pretty serious relationship despite the group needing their leader. Naturally the guilt builds and Frere sees an opportunity like no other to swoop in and steal the leader from his sister.

Peuru, being helplessly caught between her cravings for the two and the duty of being the leader, is pretty flippant and kinda cowardly when it comes to the topic of picking one, which Frere completely soaks up and plays on, creating situations where Peuru's anxiety will let her get the better of her. Which brings us to the drama script.

The scene is p much gonna follow the script to a t with maybe adding in some names here and there, but I think I'm gonna roll with the second thumbnail primarily and maybe mix it a little with the first. I hope to have a more complete test sketch out by tomorrow night, but I hope this is ok for now.

UPDATE--> 11/12/13

Phew it's been way too long, but I got up the next segment. 

it's a little battered from a run-in with a puddle when walking out of work, but I'm pretty happy with the composition? I think from here I'll work on it digitally, but yeah if anyone has any comments I'm all ears. 


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