One big creative mess!

One big creative mess! - student project

Thank you so much for this course!  We had so much fun just playing with paint and color and mark making.

One big creative mess! - image 1 - student project

We used the kitchen table this time, but I think in the future we will opt for the floor.  The table was a little restrictive.  And next time we will invest in the big roll of paper.  I was able to find some really big sheets of paper that I knew would stand up to a lot of water and paint.

One big creative mess! - image 2 - student project

We had to dry our creations on the clothesline, because there is just not enough space in the house to lay them out flat.  After dinner we started drawing on them.  There were a lot of fish characters, a couple of volcanoes, and some cars and trains.  The kids were disappointed when bedtime came, but we continued our drawing adventure the next day.

Lisa Goss
Artist & owner of Flory Avenue Designs