Steph Sabo

Designer | Typographer | Illustrator



One Year's Improvement

About a year ago, I started experimenting with calligraphy pens and markers. I chose this quote to show my personal improvement from when I first started practicing lettering and calligraphy.

Here are what some of my first attempts looked like before taking any classes or trying to emulate a style. It was sort of a mix of calligraphy and script. 


Below are the lowercase and uppercase practice sheets using the alphabet skeleton.



And then I experimented with adding some swashes to this quote. I think the biggest challenge was getting used to the pressure to apply to the long strokes. I realized that I was using too much pressure on some parts of the letters, and I think that is why there are some wavy bumps on the strokes. But overall, this is the best calligraphy piece I have made so far.



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