One & Two

One & Two - student project

The starry night - one

When she had finally walked the last few meters, the nightly valley poured out in front of her. It snuggled against the mountains, those dark, solidified waves. The rock formation to her side rised up, stretching its arms desperately towards the untouchable, swirling sky. Above all that, the stars danced to the sound of the invisible crickets. She sat in the chirping grass and looked at the village. It had become more and more demanding over time, pushing its sharp edges into the soft valley. The church wall gleamed cold, behind it the soulless, smoldering windows. Their light no more than a fading copy of the galactic spectacle. When she tried focusing the luminous points above her, they started to move, lured her, called for her and finally pulled her up into their infinitely whooshing frisk. 


The balcony - two

It is a morning like there are many. I didn't really get up early, but I didn't get up late either. I am not massively motivated, but at least I already had breakfast. Now I sit on the narrow balcony and lean my feet against the brittle white railing. The cup of tea ripples as the wind tickles my neck with cold fingertips. Breathlessly it briefly interrupts its game, only to pause for a moment. Laughing, the sun stretches and hugs me joyfully. Remembering its purpose the wind awakes again to carefully blend the birds' voices with the giggling leaves. Grass waves gently, balancing precious calyxes. My gaze wanders through green, follows beetles, gets caught on the sturdy legs of the elephant lady and finally swings itself into the blue of the day just like the panting bumblebees.