One Thing Every Day

This is such a wonderful workshop! Perfect timing. Apparently, I’m already on this journey!

I started my journey in May with a defined goal: to become a printmaker and have works to start selling or licensing in two years. My only rule was to do something towards this goal every day. That’s it.

I had long delayed/denied that my soul is fed by creative pursuits and have taken art and design classes over the years. I’d been doing sketching and watercolor off and on but with no real direction and not really very good. I was exploring printmaking with Styrofoam plates in 2016 and set that aside when I made the move to my rural house and started my Virtual Assistant business. That’s been working out nicely, and I have it contained to 40 hours a month. I then took up screenwriting with a 6-month intensive course which I’d wanted to do for 10 years. But, the draw to art and design kept pulling at me so here I am on my journey now! I came to Skillshare in May and have been having a blast since!

I discovered that Surface Pattern Design is a thing in my first Skillshare classes! I had no idea it was called something but so glad to find it. I’m still focused on printmaking but this bridge between the physical drawing and digital world is a wonderful discovery.

My journey right now focuses on learning and practicing line drawing, digital drawing, color palettes, and color separation. All is required for printmaking and patterns, at least in my mind. So I’m laying the groundwork, finding my style, and changing my mindset.

Since May I have:

  • Explored printmakers, their style, techniques, and process
  • Bought a small die-cut machine (Sizzix Big Shot Pro) on Craigslist that I have adapted for linocut relief printmaking. I’ve made some test prints even.
  • Ordered business cards for under $10 to reinforce my two-year goal: Wildwood Press. I don’t hand them out but leave them around my house as a reminder.
  • Made a logo (above) with Canva to make this real in my mind.
  • Updated my existing website to possibly document my journey though I’m not ready to post anything yet.
  • Revived my very old CS3 version of Adobe Creative Suite for my Skillshare Illustrator Class.
  • Revived my very old Wacom Intuous digital drawing tablet. Works great!
  • Adapted my Kindle Fire and Autodesk’s Sketchbook app to use instead of iPad and Procreate for the Fun with Faces class which I’m still working through.
  • Taken my physical sketchbook and pens everywhere I go so I can practice line drawing I learned in the Botanical Line Drawing class.

This is a journey and a process and the only commitment I’ve made is to do something everyday towards my two-year goal. So far, this is working for me! This class is a sign that I’m on the right track and that I will get there. It is exactly as you say once you make the commitment, things start happening.


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