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One Step At A Time

A few months ago, I had begun this class to get myself better organized, unfortunately my lack of organization made it difficult for me to finish. Therefore I am turning a new leaf and starting over again with my first goal being to finish this class! I have found that my lack of organization is beginning to affect not only my personal life but my work life as well now that I have a larger work load. 

My goals for this class are as follows: 

1. Get organized-I want to get back to the old level of organization I had while I was in college. It made my life 10 times easier and I accomplished so much.

2. Utilize my time-When I'm at work, I want to focus on work. When I'm at home, I would like to focus more of my efforts on all the other little goals and things I want to learn. 

3. Get motivated-I need to create goals for myself, long term and short term. This will in turn help me in my professional and personal lives. 

Based on my GSD Quiz results, here is the starting point I'm working from:

Phase 1: Collect

So far I have about 40-45 open loops and I feel loads better. I still feel like I may be missing some but now that I have an electronic collection container, I think it will be a lot easier to get all of my open loops in one place. My normal to do lists consist of scrap pieces of paper that I constantly lose or forget about. 

For my physical container, I will be using my desk drawer at work (since I do not have any desk space for an inbox tray) and a box at home for all of my personal loops. 


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