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One Night

Step #1: The Choice

I've chosen Hod Putt from Spoon River Anthology for my screenplay. The reason for my choice is that I'm really interested in exploring the circumstances that led to Hod's death, and the reasons behind his decision to take that final, desperate step from realising he needed to do something about his situation to actually performing the crime itself.

Step #2: The Drafts

First draft:

Second draft:

Final draft:

Step #3: The Logline

Over the course of a single night an impoverished laborer in 1870's America makes a series of choices that lead to his inevitable execution as he embarks on a quest for a better life.

Although I've put my third draft up as being 'final' I intend to keep working on this script and posting the updates here. Despite the fact that the competition part of class will be over soon, I sincerely hope there will be a few who keep going with this for a little while, swapping feedback and praise and generally having a chat about writing and being writers. In the long run the competition has been a relatively small part of the brilliant people, incredible feedback and breathtaking scripts that have made this class what it is, and even though we're all moving on to different things, what's to say we can't all continue to provide support and assistance for our fellow storytellers? It's like James and Vince were saying, making a short film is a collaborative experience, and while screenwriting doesn't necessarily have to be, this class has taught me that it is much easier and a whole lot more fun if it is.




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