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Laura P.

Photographer & Art Director



One Month Daily Sketch

I'm back! I've been travelling and visiting the family. It was my birthday last friday! :)

 Day 16. Animals.

As i drew my cat on day 13 i decided to draw one of my favorite animals, a narwhal. I love that they look a little bit like a unicorn!


Day 15. Stranger

I drew this man at the train station, he was reading the newspaper in front of me. It was challenging and i don't like how the color turned out, but i painted it on the train and messed it up a bit. I also drew the station as i was waiting for the train :)



Day 14. Sketching materials

Watercolor palette (that i need to clean...), Pentel Brush, Copic Multiliner, and an eraser! I also use this cloth my dad gave me, i used it when he was young to paint, so i'm keeping it even it's almost destroyed cause is special for me :D


Day 13. Family

She's my kitty daughter. Her name is Janis (i love Janis Joplin!)



Day 12. Things i collect: MUGS!

I have a problem. I don't know how many mugs i have, i may count them someday... but the collection is starting to be insane.


Day 11. Vegetables

I like to eat tomatoes with bread and olive oil, and carrots... i eat them even raw! 


Day 10. Appliance.

My little fridge. I have a lot of pictures, magnets and memories (like a love note from my mum!)


Day 9. Clothes.

I'm selling this dress cause it doesn't suit me well, but i've wore it a lot and of course: C A T S. I adore cats... if you didn't tell already.


Day 8. Shoes.

The perspective is off, but i love this shoes, my cat ones!!!


Day 7. Drink (i know this is not liquid).

I know, these are strawberries, but as i painted a drink on my day 5 i thought i'd sketch a fruit today. My favorite fruit is strawberries, peach and watermelon! Yummy! What's yours?


Day 6. Book.

This is one of the best books i've ever read. I knew i wanted to sketch it... and recommend it to you all! Also today i started a new sketchbook and i'm so happy with it, it handles watercolor better than my other one, so excited to fill it! 


Day 5. Fruit.

In liquid form! I sketched this where i bought the orange juice and, as you can see, i screwed up the paper again. Tomorrow i'll start sketching with another sketchbook, cause this is making me crazy.


Day 4. Building.

I'm in love with my city. Madrid is beautiful.


Day 3. Lunch.

Yummy! So today i ate some tomatoes and nuts, a toast with cream cheese, tomato and avocado, and some fries. And, of course, a coffee, cause i love coffee and i can't have enought of it. My sketchbook almost dies as you can see, the paper started to broke so well, i did what i could! It's 100g paper so it can't handle watercolor very well :(


Day 2. Trees.

I sketched this quickly cause i'm not used to sketch in the middle of the street, it was weird... Then i came home and added some colour to it. I can't see trees from my window, it's so sad, but i live in the center of a big city (¡Madrid!). This trees are behind a music school, i can sometimes hear music playing from home. I'm enjoying this challenge a lot, and i'm stopping myself to not draw "day 3" cause that would be cheating! LOL. Not totally happy with this sketch, but i'll continue either way!


Day 1. Self Portrait

Hi! I'm Laura, and today i started my sketch challenge! I'm so excited, i'd continue drawing "day 2" if i could. :)

For this self portrait i stood in front of the mirror of my bathroom, and of course i had to include my Backstreet Boys tee i use to sleep. Under circles come from non sleeping and Skillshare. It was hard to draw this cause i've no chair to sit on, as the mirror is on top of my sink, and my sketchbook is a bit heavy... but i liked the experience! 



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