One-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers

One-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - student project

I enjoyed this class very much. The instructions were super clear and easy to follow and the method was really fun. I look forward to applying this practice in my work more extensively. I had fun playing with different mediums. I used this technique to play around with Water Soluble Sketching Pencils and Water-Soluble Colored Pencils in addition to fineliner and watercolor. I liked trying out different approaches to adding color/value. I appreciated what you suggested about doing a shape over and over again until you develop some muscle memory with it. That was such a helpful suggestion & I'm suuuper grateful for it. I found the calla lily-like shapes very fun to draw and they brought back happy memories so I did those over and over again.


One-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - image 1 - student projectOne-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - image 2 - student projectSeveral hours later, I tried my hand at some sunflowers, continuing to experiment with media. The first one (the rightmost one - I'm a lefty, so I generally work a page from right to left, when I can) was the most experimental for me. I drew the single line drawing in watercolor pencil, then I painted with watercolor paint on top of it, but offset to make a new layer of petals, then I added water to places that needed it, and later I came in and drew a single line drawing in pen. Messy, but fun, and I learned some things, which is the point. I'm trying to let myself be more messy & less controlled. So the third painting (the leftmost one) I also intentionally painted the petals and the stem and leaf loosely and without so much respect for the lines. I struggle with perfectionism, so it is helpful for me to intentionally try to practice painting more loosely. Otherwise, if I'm afraid of making messes and not being very good at things, it's hard to learn and, honestly, not as much fun. It's a big accomplishment for me to let go of the outcome and lean into the process of experimenting and learning and discovering. This class was super inspiring for me in that way. One-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - image 3 - student project


Here were a couple of the line drawings before I added paint:One-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - image 4 - student projectOne-Line Calla Lilies & Sunflowers - image 5 - student project