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One-Light Studio Portrait Assignment.

First of all, thanks JP Danko for allow us the opportunity to take this lighting class for free. I appreciate it. 

The process I went through to make this picture, was difficult. Currently I have only one flash, no light modifiers - umbrella-  or light stand. However, I do not like to limit myself and I am immersed in the process of learning "Studio photography", so I took my only source of light - YN560-IV - and used my portable round collapsible photo reflector as the diffuser or modifier. 

Using the YN560-IV as my key light above and 45 degrees -holding the photo reflector diffuser in front of my flash-, the source of light was "soft" enough to take the shot and use it as a Key Light. 

For the "Fill Light", I took the white side of the reflector and attach it to a round bucket top cover - lol -. This one was really close to the subject considering the size of this doll. 

Shot on a Canon T5i with a Canon EF-S 55-250mm. 
1/250, F 5.6, ISO 200. 

Here is the Final Image: 

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