One Life. Big List.

Hi, I'm Lisa. Redhead, mom, sister, daughter, writer, blogger, big thinker, coffee drinker, wine lover, yoga devotee, a work in progress and so much more. At least I hope so.

I blog at BacktoAllen, write for a living and can't believe that I love being a mom.

I'm working on my GoMighty list now. You can check it out here

I suck at asking for help, but dig being able to do it for others.

I believe in the power of story, and I'm finding my voice. I've had a One Little Word for the past five years. This year it's 'embrace' but this morning I had the whim to change it to 'mighty'. By lunchtime I realized I can have more than one word if I want; rules aren't the boss of me :)

I have incurable but unfulfilled wanderlust, would seriously be happy if I could do nothing but read and cuddle with my kids all day, every day and have accepted that laundry--like the other necessities of life-- is a journey, not a destination. I believe that even though we shouldn't sweat the small stuff, life is better when we pay attention to the little things.


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