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One Life Left

The closest I could get to with the materials was an Artline big nib whiteboard marker which i cut up in black and red. Those two colours together seemed to be radical to me; and some masking tape as you will see below.

I started by getting a feel for the marker.

Then I drew a bearded man because I have a beard, and beards are great and I listen tothe band, The Beards. Did I mention beards are great?

I am not sure if there is anything special to my hand writing; but here it is anyway. Its weird because the paper and I are at 90 degree angles to each other. That's how I write. These were done with a copic twin marker.

I chopped up the red marker, like I did the black and tried a few things with it. The brown logs in the next image is the masking tape coloured brown.

Then I harnessed my spirit animal, El Lissitzky and combined red with black.

Not sure why I coloured the top right window square with red. top left seemed to obvious and, the bottom two were too cliche. FYI I did this many is a tally of pewps.

My final piece is not in portrait size (sorry, not sorry). It has a video game theme were a video game character is given 3 lives to begin with; and this gives us a false sense of security for those living in reality. Idealy they should be opportunities, as we are given almost infinite opportunities to every possible outcome, except in video games where you're given three, ironically.

So, my poster is meant to wake up the viewer to the fragility of life, to spare no expense in chasing their dreams, to realise time is finite, to awaken their stress receptors and provide a sense of urgency. Hopefully my handwritting (1 life left) portrays that I have come to this conclusion as well.

Love your Youtube channel James, thank you all, for your feedback and likes.


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