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Vanessa M.

art director



One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

For me, choosing a book to do this project on was a no brainer. This is my favorite! One Hundred Years of Solitude by the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a masterpiece. It's the story of the Buendia family through several generations and the founding of the town Macondo. I's about love, war, lust, adventure, about what's real and what's magical..

I chose the letter G for "Garcia Marquez" and after going over the list I made, I came back with these scketches:

1. While the Buendia men seem to be the center of the story. It is the women that are at the root of everything, their strength, love and sensuality is the catalyst for everything that happens. This G is shaped like strands of hair, with flowers weaved in to symbolize the feminine, beauty & nature.

2-3. To symbolize the war, the Buendia men, family and pride, the G resembles an insignia, a badge of honor.

4. The beginning of the Buendia family is also the beginning of the Town of Macondo. This last G is all about the town that is the background for these characters. Tropical flowers, leaves, all symbolize the wild jungle.


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