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One Hundred Years of Solitude Drop Cap

This is one of my favorite books from high school by author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Therefore my drop cap shall be 'M' for Marquez.

This book has some great themes of temporal cycles, mirrors and mirages, and imagery of Latin American rainforests. 


Getting some concepts nailed down and excited to start sketching!


CONCEPT A: The repeating pattern represents the past repeating itself, and the curves of the lines and leaf are based off of the rainforest setting and give an overall organic feeling.

CONCEPT B: The 'M' is a letter than can be reflected, so I kept the two sides semetrical to show the idea of Macondo, the city of mirrors that reflected the world in and about it. Also, the connectivity of the swashes gives the feeling of loops and cycles.

CONCEPT C: This is another relfective 'M' with the two sides separated by a center line to represent a disconnect between the past and future in the lives of the Buendia family. The ferns and vines are added based on the rainforest setting.


Man was this fun to do. I decided to go with the yellow and gold color scheme because those colors were a theme in the book. Gold represents the imperialists and yellow represents death, change, and destruction. I chose the deep green blue from the color of the rainforest setting and overall darkness the mood of the book gives.

And since I had so much fun with this and I got some positive feedback for Concept C, I'm most likely going to let the fun continue and do another one just for kicks.


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