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One Hand Can - student project


I've put together something on Moqups (which is super cool, btw). Since they limit you to a page that basically doesn't scroll, I didn't get to do what I would do in my "normal" site, but close enough.

If I would have been able to scroll, I would have put a snippet of the most recent blog post, also some forum titles that have been posted.

I would also change the background color, but if that was an option, I missed it.

Anyway, would love some feedback. As I mentioned, this is legitimately for my lonely mother who is bored out of her mind, so I really want her to have a community come to her and to help others like her feel they have someone out there. Cheesy, but for reals.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi all,

I joined this class to really learn these strategies BEFORE putting them into place. I'm building a web page for my mom to get some online community (she had a stroke and is now bed ridden and lonely). I want this to be a success so that others in her circumstance can connect and share.

So, the call to action would be to have people read and interact on the site. Basically, I want to have a place to inspire others and provide an outlet for my mom's creativity (there will be a blog section).

Thing is, it's in the VERY initial stages. I took a class last month on coding on skillshare, which is still going on, so it's super duper basic. Please, be gentle.

Since I'm coding this, it's a good way to practice ideas I learn in this class.

Appreciate your input.

(love the video format, Jack. Helpful to have the notes right alongside!)