One Elephant's Journey to Find True Love

One Elephant's Journey to Find True Love - student project

My idea is inspired by my favorite animal - the elephant. This project is mostly for fun, and to get better acquainted with making stop motion.

The stop motion will feature this one little elephant paperclip, who is on a search to find his love. I may end up painting one of the paperclips to differentiate between the boy and girl. 

I'm still working on the story, but the overall idea is that the boy goes on a journey to find his love. He'll travel over tape dispensers, a lamp, a book, a stapler, etc. He'll be met with distractions (paperclips of all differnet sizes and colors, mini post-its that try to lure him their way), but ultimately he finds a lone lady elephant. They meet, and the rest is history.

All the objects I use will be what's on my desk or immediate surroundings. I just want to play a little with the technique and see what happens. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions! 


Gopika Prabhu
Co-Founder at Elefint Designs