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Patrick O'Brien

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One Drawing per Day

After spending a lifetime (more or less) away from the primary passion of my youth, drawing, I've finally returned to it in middle age. I've finally been learning all of the fundamentals, techniques, and essentials for drawing right. The thing is, it is very daunting due to bad habits, fear of not being able to develop my skills, ADHD, life stress, etc. I'm hoping to develop the habits that will get me through this, because I know I can do it if I just establish a consistent routine.

Personality Type(s?): 

  • Upholder – Strong Tendency
  • Questioner – Moderate Tendency
  • Rebel – Small Tendency
  • Obliger – Very Strong Tendency

For my project, I want to do one drawing per day; not my usual practice perspective, contour, and gesture drawings, but a complete scene/concept. I'm doing a children's book for my thesis, do this might fit well into this project in the form of thumbnails/sketches for the book dummy.

I intend, after dinner, shower, etc. (nightly routine) to draw one full drawing because it will establish habits that will make me a better illustrator.


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