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One (Draft 2 Uploaded)


For my screenplay, I chose to adapt the monologue of William & Emily (page 43) in the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. I've updated the time of the project to present day as I believe tales as such are timeless and don't require a specific period in order to have the best dramatic effect. It's the journey that goes on after death that I have portrayed, even after death how the power of love can live on.

The Monologue:

William & Emily

THERE is something about Death Like love itself!

If with some one with whom you have known passion

And the glow of youthful love,

You also, after years of life

Together, feel the sinking of the fire

And thus fade away together,

Gradually, faintly, delicately,

As it were in each other’s arms,

Passing from the familiar room—

That is a power of unison between souls Like love itself!

Reason I Chose This:

The reason I chose William and Emily is due to it's ability to tell a love story in death, an entity no one likes to think about but is inevitable. The bond between the two is very strong and I wanted to explore the theme of death as well as how love can carry on after death.


How Far Can Love Go?


William, a grief-stricken elderly man, overhears that his terminally ill wife, Emily, has passed on. Upon hearing the news, he is rescued from a nursing home by a mysterious, beautiful red-haired woman who's touch sends his body back into youth. What does she have in store for William?

Below is my first draft for ONE, feel free to comment and give feedback, any likes are always appreciated!


**Feedback taken on board, I now present to you ladies and gentlement, my second draft:




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