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One Day at a Time...

11/30/13: I often feel like that woman in my photo. I have SO many plans and so much to get done for my business. It's just me, myself and I running this thing. I am easily distracted and overwhelmed by what needs to get done.

I lack organization skills and am endlessly frustrated by the stacks of papers and what might be lurking in them. I feel like I'm always putting out fires (or just avoiding them in the nick of time!).

My productivity is suffering and hence my cash flow. I sure hope this class can help me!


I've got about 40 open loops in Things. I know there must be hundreds more but they're slow in coming! My braing doesn't want to release them!! Also, I'm not exactly sure how we'll be using this yet. I think they'll start to flow more once I put Things into action.

Onto Phase 2!  :)

Updarte 12/6: Up to 52 items in Things, this is getting easier!!!!


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