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Victor Hemmings III

Owner/Illustrator of One Creative Design



One Creative Design

                                                         NAME: Victor Hemmings III

                                                     LOCATION: The Bronx, New York

                                                  BRAND NAME: One Creative Design

One Creative Design is a lifestyle streetwear brand birthed in the heart of The South Bronx. We aim to "awaken the sleeping giant" known as CREATIVITY which we feel exists in every single human being. It is said that the creative adult is the child who survived and that there is no such thing as perfection. If something is perfect then there is no room for improvement. Therefore we constantly strive to revamp our image drawing in elements from ANY and EVERYTHING. Heavily influenced by the arts, music, fashion and the underground New York street culture we produce unique products of our environment that look and feel aesthetically pleasing. Given certain tools a person can craft just about anything. What can you do with the cards that you are dealt with in life? What could a person do with a stage? A gallery? The possibilities are unknown. our SLOGAN "Out of limitations comes creativity" expresses just that. Through inspiration we hope to bring forth the inner child in everyone because we are all CREATORS.

HISTORY: Founded in 2010, myself and four of my best friends decided to start this journey together. Three of us were working on a previous brand but that didn't work out so well. We felt five brains were better than three so in the fall of 2010 in a small apartment in The South Bronx, One creative Design was born. 

The name OCD came from a play on the condition we feel EVERYBODY has. There is something that you do everyday out of habbit that you can't seem to stop even if you tried. Whether it's the way you brush your teeth or the certain amount of times you brush your teeth. It can be the way you get dressed or the way you use the computer. We all display a little bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In our case it was our artistic talents. Being a huge fan of Lupe Fiasco we heard a line he said in a song and it was "I'm OCD, I never think it's clean enough".  We were always tweaking designs, going back to adjust certain things and that line fit us perfectly because we NEVER THINK IT'S CLEAN ENOUGH.



Top: Round Logo, Left: Spell Out, Right: Transparent C



                                                      Fall/Winter Season 2010

Our first official products we ever released were two shirts with our Spell Out logo. Originally the Spell Out logo didn't have One Creative Design written underneath the letters and the font was fairly larger than what it is today. Made into two different color options, black with white lettering and the inverse being white with black lettering. The price point of the tees were $15.

We also decided to make Spell out stickers to help promote our brand. We started sticker giveaways on our tumblr, twitter and facebook for our supporters.


                                                      Spring Season 2011

In this season we revisited the original tees and decided to make the Spell Out tees again. Only this time One Creative Design was written underneath the letters and the font was resized to what it is today. Same color options as the last season but a lot more were made giving a lot of people another opportunity to get what they had missed. Same original price point of $15 for each shirt.


                                                             Fall Season 2011

This season was a tremendous push for us being that we decided to release five tees instead of just two. The Spell Out would return once again only this time in an additional color option of black with red lettering along with the classic black and white shirts giving the customer three versions of the logo. The font size of the Spell Out was also larger than usual in this season. We introduced a new deign in this season originally called the "Shotgunners" tee but was changed to be named the "Protect NYC" tee. Two color options were made for this design, black with warm grey lettering and white with black lettering. Another stepping stone for us during this season was the decision to start selling our product online using This gave our customers in other parts of the world a better way to acquire our product when before that we mostly did face to face transactions. All the shirts were now priced at $24.

A restock was also needed for our stickers at this point. The Spell Out was made once again but this time it would be white with black letters. Our Round logo would finally be used but in the form of our mascot.

Towards the end of the fall season we decided to try our hands at getting embroided snapbacks made. Using our Round logo we made three hats. Black with a white logo, red with a white logo and navy blue with a red logo. Some personal hats were made as your can see a black hat with a grey logo was also made. The price point for these hats were $25.

In our native borough of the bronx near Yankee Stadium

"Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose"


                                                               Spring Season 2012

This season was yet another first for us as we decided to produce a hoodie along with three other shirts. The hoodie was a limited edition release and was only made in one color. We used our Round logo but instead gave it a chain design along with an outer versace-esque circle. It was made in Black with the logo being white. Our Spell Out was made again this time with the font going back to its original size and the letters being lime green on a white tee. The final design was one that we called "D'Evils" which displayed all the vices a person might have whether it's the love of money, power, drugs, lust etc. The customer had the option to purchase this shirt in either black or white. The shirts remained at fixed price of $24 while the hoodie was sold for $40 which we felt was more than reasonable.


                                                             Summer Season 2012

The Olympics played a big role for the majority of this year. We decided to use that to our advantage and make it our theme for our collection in the summer. We released two hats and two shirts. Our Spell Out logo would become a hat for the first time in white lettering on a navy blue hat with a red brim. Our other hat was our "OCD DREAMS" snapback. Influenced by the classic USA Dream Team Basketball logo, we utilized the colors of America and created our own version of the logo. Our design for our shirts was yet another way we incorporated our Round logo into our season. The design became our "InterContinental" tee which showed our Round logo in the center of another circle made of all the flags around the world. It came in two options, white or navy blue. The shirts still remained at $24 and the Spell Out hat stayed at $25 while the OCD DREAMS hat was priced at $40.


With fall steadily approaching us towards the end of the summer we decided to release our Spell Out hat in three new color options. Black, red, and navy hats all with white font. Price point still fixed at $25.


We also restocked on stickers once again. This time only the Spell Out would be used but in red with black letters.

                                                           Summer Season 2013

This was a small season for us simply because within this season we chose to screen print the shirts ourselves. We found an affordable print lab in brooklyn and we quickly got to work. Screen printing shirts was not such an easy task as we thought it would be. Our focus was only one hat and one shirt for this small season. "Leave Your Mark" was the theme. The shirt was white with black details and the hat was black with white lettering. The hat design read "New York Creators" on the front utilizing the Lakers font. On the back we incorporated our Transparent C logo this time.

Gowanus Print Lab, Brooklyn NY

The original design for our "Leave Your Mark" tee. We ran into complications with the back piece during the screen printing process. Being that there was a wide area to cover with the black ink too much ink was going through the screen and then blocking the screen afterwards from allowing any more ink to pass through. This caused inconsistency with our shirts so we decided to come up with a new design for the back. Meanwhile the front mascot design worked just fine.

The first batch of shirts that we made ended up not drying properly and each shirt ended up with smudges here and there. Instead of throwing them all away we came up with a solution to tie-dye the faulty batch of shirts. The color choice was red on the top and black on the bottom half of the shirt. We watched a couple DIY videos on youtube and thought we had it covered. Yet again we ran into more trouble but this time it was the quality of the dye we bought. FOR ANYBODY THAT WANTS TO TIE DYE ANYTHING DO NOT USE "RIT DYE". THE QUALITY OF THIS BRAND IS ABSOLUTELY CHEAP. THE COLORS DO NOT STAY VIBRANT AND THEY WILL FADE AFTER YOU WASH YOUR CLOTHING. So our shirt became reddish-pink on top and a plum purple color on the bottom. With a lot of improvision we learned that staying positive can help get the job done. We went back to the print lab and made a new batch of shirts as well so we then had two shirts. Both tees are STILL on sale for $25 and the hat is priced at $25.

"Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn't do diddly"


We've recently been featured in some music videos. You can see us in one of New York's artists Rich-P's recent videos called "EGO" featuring Fame. OCD appearances at 1:44, 2:16


                                                     Future Possibilities

To obtain a  storefront in New York is one of our goals and to also be featured in other stores as well. We hope to open stores overseas in Asia, The UK and Africa.

We're also working on getting into more cut and sew pieces as well as more cold weather apparel.

                                                   Some of Our Graphic Work







EMAIL: [email protected]



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