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One Challenge - TWO Channels

And another update :-)

I just posted my second class and have put together my Publishing Plan for my 1st Channel. I came up with a total of 10 classes.

If that goes well, I'll start working on my plan for my lifestyle classes.

xo, Nat



The first part of my branding series just went live!

Part 1: Speed Branding Fon Non-Designers: Your Brand's Irresistible Look & Feel

Friday or Monday next week I'll publish part 2.

The 3 month challenge is a fabulous way to keep us accountable :-).

xo, Nat


Hi there!

I've been thinking about diversifying my channel lately and this challenge totally makes me want to finally take action :-).

I'm gonna create:

1) A series on Quick & Easy Brand Design For Non Designers covering everything from client profile to fonts, to colors, to social media branding etc. This series is going to be super actionable so that people can put together their brand in no time, even if they have no idea how to design.

I'm not a professional designer myself so this class is going to be for NON professionals who want to use free and easy tools (no Photoshop!)

As my first trailer, I wrote and recorded a song (took some courage but then I thought: What the heck?!):


2) A series on my favorite all-natural vitamin cures for skin, hair, immunity system, etc.

I really look forward to this and to what everyone else comes up with!

xo, Nathalie :-)


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