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One Band, Two Bands, Red Bands, Blue Bands.

Our band, Oogamapoogala has just released our second album and has been touring for the past year. Our tour was a huge success as far as the music went, but our financial situation has been somewhat less successful. All the funds earned from record sales and concert tickets have been used for our obsessive partying habits. Needless to say, we really need the money from these festivals. We've always been about the fans, but I think we'll have to make a decision on this one... The two festivals are in New York and San Francisco, so I think we'll play NY since we haven't been there in a year. Sorry SF! As for the missing funds, this should carry us through for a while, but we'll have to turn to crowdfunding for our next album. Our loyal fans will carry us through!

Oogamapoogala out.


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