I work with student leaders at a University. Universities are unique in that their population changes quickly, with the average student staying for 4 years. Meaning when those students participate in roles like Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Tour Guide, etc. they may only be in that role for a few months or a year. Yet they have valuable knowledge about what works in that role and what doesn't. This app will serve to collect stories, photos, ideas, and feedback from students while they are in the role, and compile those collected stories and visuals into a resource for the next year's staff to review during their training program. This will help offices not make the same mistakes twice, and it will help them to build upon what matters. 

The app will include prompts like "highs/lows", "most helpful", "keep, change, remove", etc. that change from week to week to solicit posts, as well as ensure a variety of observations and reflections are collected. The app helps students be observant and reflective as well as thoughtful about sharing feedback, and will help offices improve programs and train staff from year to year.

The name comes from "once upon a time" playing off the idea that at the end of this the students will be able to tell their "story".


  • When posting, students could select "recruit", "train", "both" to identify posts that could be used for recruiting new leaders, versus things to be used for training the next leaders (or both!).
  • Specific prompts could be used to help them build their resume/portfolio.
  • Weekly/monthly newsfeed type thing could go to supervisors in hopes they could make changes to program/experience based on feedback.
  • Students (weekly) could have an optional prompt to send a shout out to another staff member, this way at the end students could see all the good things they did-- again helping them to use this as a way to "tell their story" to a future employer.

Prompt ideas:

  • Something I did this week that I was not prepared for/not trained to handle
  • Something I did this week that I was exceptionally prepared/trained to handle
  • Take a photo of something you love about your job and a caption that says why
  • Take a photo of something that you would remove from your job if you could because it's annoying and a caption that says why
  • "Catch someone doing something WOW!, and send them a shout out about what you caught them doing"
  • Write a resume bullet on something you did this week (ie. Facilitated an efficient check-in process at an event serving 1,000 students on campus) --may want to make it fill in the blank/madlibs style to help student create effective bullets
  • Take a photo of something you did that you would be proud to talk about in an interview (ie. poster for an event you created, survey you created, brochure you helped write)


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