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Once in a lifetime

Ok....this is a good start better than a chocolate box or a Happy Meal!

My room, my desk office, my life, it's something like Francis Bacon studio – a mess!

Organization it's not my best friend....if you want to do more things, to spend more time with friends, to have a productive DAY at work (I don't dare to say “a productive month” cause I bet my laptop would explode laughing out loud)!

Containers and checklists? I needed a dictionary for those 2 funny words in plural!

uuuu..Nice colors! After this little quiz I don't understand how I get my stuff done...cuz I don't have superpowers!

I'm always distracted, i never finish anyth...

But i sure hope to understand the key principles of GTD and creating a workflow I can get into the habit of finishing what I start!!!


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