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Once in a Blue Moon

I really connect to this idiom in a personal level because I really loved blue moon ice cream when I was little. :P

My thoughts with this were ok I need a moon and it should probably be blue. let's put in some stars and clouds. what represents "once?" once->one time->time->clock->clock hands. ah yes clock hands and maybe roman numerals (which I later scrapped). There are a couple more brain storms on my sketch page.


I like most of the colors, but I'm not sure if I'm overly fond of the black clock hands (there should be a larger contrast between them and the background, imo...). I couldn't find something that would work better as of yet, though. I made all the shapes myself to try and not infringe on anyone's copyright. All in all, I'm happy with it and actually pretty proud.


this would make some cute pajama pants

EDIT: found some nice colors. it's not as contrasted as a whole but it looks much nicer. It's probably better that the clouds don't stick out so much since they're not even supposed to be the main focus, ha.



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