Once Upon a time

Once Upon a time - student project

Once Upon a time - image 1 - student project


My favorite prints:

Waterbased relief ink on watercolor paper. I love the texture that the watercolor paper creates.

Once Upon a time - image 2 - student project

Waterbased ink on yellow paper. The combination of brown and yellow makes it feel like something old, nostalgic and it is overall softer to the eye than black ink on white paper. For this idea, I wanted my fairytale concept to have dreamy and soft atmosphere.Once Upon a time - image 3 - student project


Learned from the class and also as I started working on my project. I fixed the issue I had with softcut repelling the ink by "priming" it with a coat of acrylic paint. Totally not on purpose, it was a happy accident :) I love how the different types of paper create different effects. Oh, forgot to add a title, my name and all the info that goes on the bottom!!!

Thank you Anna! I'm always discovering new mediums and techniques with your classes... and loving it! :D


Okay, so I made more linocut!!! wohooo!!!, they say pictures say more than words, so here it is:

Once Upon a time - image 4 - student projectOnce Upon a time - image 5 - student projectOnce Upon a time - image 6 - student projectOnce Upon a time - image 7 - student projectOnce Upon a time - image 8 - student project

That last one wasn't dry yet but I was too excited about it. Yep! I learned more this second time and hope to make an even better job on the third time!

Thanks once more Anna!

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